Thursday, 22 October 2009

House of Cards Remake - I Couldn't Possibly Comment

If it were April Fool's Day I would believe the story I've just read online American director to remake House of Cards .

Not only is director Fincher going to attempt to remake a series that was well nigh flawless, but he is also going to set in the US. And even more unimaginable - if the stories are to believed - he is making it as a one-hour drama.

He might very well think it's a good idea, but I've yet to come across a remake of any contemporary drama that has come close to being anywhere as good as the original.

Me thinks there will be great rumblings under the foundations of the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford where Ian's ashes have been placed.

If anyone wants to see House of Cards - in America or anywhere else - I suggest they stick to the original!


  1. What a terrible idea! Still, at least if it's in America, it won't be easily confused with the real thing! Who will FU be, First Secretary of State...?

    Total silliness. It is doomed before they shoot a single frame!

  2. And who will play him?

    It's such a shame for the writers of original screenplays who miss out on getting theirs made because someone of little brain decides to remake something that can't possibly be bettered.

    The same thing is currently happenning with Tinker Tailor, which is going to be made into a film.

  3. Must all great performances be ruined with remakes? Nobody could possibly make us forget Ian Richardson, and I hope this version will be a great flop.

  4. Indeed, it's meshuggeh to think about remaking it.