Saturday, 6 February 2010

Evelyn - Play with Ian, on Radio 7, Mon 8 Feb

There are a series of plays by the late writer, Rhys Adrian, this coming week on Radio 7.

One of the plays, Evelyn , stars Ian and Pauline Collins. By a strange coincidence, the play being broadcast the next day, Tuesday 9 February - the 3rd Anniversary of Ian's untimely passing - is called Passing Through.

Ian starred in the tv version of Passing Through in 1982, with Lee Montague and Rosalie Crutchley. The director was Desmond Davis, who also directed Ian as Sherlock Holmes, in The Sign of Four , in 1983.

Evelyn is being broadcast at 11.15am on Monday, and repeated at 9.15pm on Monday and 2.15am on Tuesday, but doesn't appear to be available on BBCi Player, unfortunately.


  1. I'll try and listen. It is repeated on Tuesday and may be on i-Player when three broadcasts have gone out. Check on Wednesday.

  2. Will do - though it doesn't have the i-Player symbol next to it, like many of the other programmes listed.

    And talking of i-players, I'm very much enjoying your Century of Cinema series with David Puttnam - on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesdays, at 10.30pm.