Tuesday 30 November 2010

Genuinely loved and respected

I was rather upset to read a customer review of the book a while back, which contended that it was full of 'false praise'.

Anyone who met Ian would know that the sentiments expressed by all the contributors were entirely genuine. Not only was he hugely respected as an actor, but he was also greatly loved as warm, giving man with a huge generosity of spirit. He undoubtedly left an indelible impression upon those fortunate enough to have met him.

Carol Clements was prompted by last week's story about Ian's ashes being placed beneath the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, to recall having met him:

"Ian was such a lovely man. I was working as a make up artist at the time and did a photoshoot with him for House of Cards. Even after all these years, when people ask me who my favourite 'celebrity' was, my answer is 'Ian', without any hesitation - he was such a gentleman.

I particularly remember how he spoke of his wife with such love - it was obvious that he absolutely adored her.

He is still remembered and missed."


  1. Pat Benjamin commented:

    When you find an actor whose professional acting you enjoy, you want to see him in other roles to see his interpretation. You expect his work to go on forever because actors can do that – you don’t expect their lives to be cut short at any age.
    Ian Richardson was one of these special persons. You knew that anything he did would be great and acting at its best. He would draw you in to witness the events and take part in the consequences.
    It is also a comfort to discover that the actor whose work you admired was a good person to his family, fellow actors and friends.
    I regretted reading of his passing - he will be greatly missed around the world by his admirers.

  2. Many thanks for your comment, Pat.