Saturday 16 January 2010

Lovely YouTube Tribute

'Japlick', who was part of the Murder Rooms series, filmed in 2001, has put this footage of Ian on the set onto Youtube as a lovely tribute to him.

It brings back so many memories to me of spending time on the set of the original Murder Rooms story, filmed in Glasgow. It was a different actor, Robin Laing, playing Conan Doyle and the director was Paul Seed (who directed Ian in House of Cards, To Play the King and Booze Cruise II & III). Paul Marcus, who directed two of the four Murder Rooms stories in the series, The Photographer's Chair and The White Knight's Stratagem and also directed Ian in Imperium: Nero is the director in the footage.

Photos by Maroussia Richardson

The atmosphere in Glasgow was just as lovely as it was in the series.

The singer 'Japlick' used (after asking me for a suggestion) for the footage is Charles Trenet, a favourite of Ian's and by a coincidence, probably not known to him when he chose one of Trenet's songs, was used in what, from memory was the last movie Ian worked on (though it was released before Becoming Jane), Desaccord Parfait.


  1. A really nice tribute! And a reminder of what a delightful man Ian was.

    I wondered (while watching the clips and before getting to the end of the post) 'Why Trenet?' and now I know! Thank you! :-)

  2. Yes, Brian, it shows his sense of humour, how he was very much one of a team and also his attention to detail and dedication.
    I've actually got some other footage that Ian shot in France which he sent me as part of my 50th birthday present and he used Douce France and La Mer (don't know if these are the correct titles).
    I think I've become a bit of a Trenet fan myself now.

  3. Trenet and Richardson: both 'one-offs' with charm, elegance and great panache.

  4. Must check Trenet out on YouTube.