Monday 18 January 2010

Stacy's further memories of Ian

In response to the Youtube tribute to Ian I highlighted in my last post, I recieved this message from Stacy Keach, who was one of the contributors to We Could Possibly Comment - Ian Richardson Remembered :

Having enjoyed the honor and privilege of working with Ian on Mistral’s Daughter some years ago, I was particularly moved by this video, seeing the great man toward the end of his extraordinary life and career, in all his elegance and charm, his wickedly divine sense of humor, and his restless creative energy. He was the epitome of elegance, forever the perfect gentleman, even when long days of shooting were accompanied by their inevitable emotional toll. Ian was always in the midst of exploring the various behavioral choices challenging his furtive imagination, always eager to discover another, better way of expressing a moment. He was a consummate artist. So many of his wonderful performances are etched in my memory and in my heart. He was a great inspiration to me, and he was truly a great actor.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute with all of us.
Stacy Keach
Mistral's Daughter is well worth watching.


  1. What a wonderful tribute! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Well, it's really thanks to Stacy for allowing me to share it and thanks to Barney who put the footage together and onto YouTube.

  3. Not many bloggers get comments left by Stacy Keach! It's a testimony to what you achieved with your book!

  4. It was actually a Facebook message from Stacy which I asked if I could put on the Blogsite. I think it's more a testimony to what Ian meant to people like Stacy.